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Our creative approach enables us to obtain the information our clients need without resorting to illegal or unethical methods

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Litigation Support

We deliver ethically sourced facts on tight deadlines.

Whether you’re searching for a witness, analyzing an expert’s credentials, or sifting through mountains of documents, we can help.

We have the know-how, skill, and tools to identify and obtain pivotal evidence under severe time constraints – without sacrificing accuracy or detail. 

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Competitive Intelligence

When you’re considering opening or investing in a business, you need to understand the industry, local market, and competition. We offer strategic insights into the timing, location, and concept of your venture. 

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Due Diligence

We distill information obtained from public, proprietary, and human sources into profiles that reveal character and competence.

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Intelligence Gathering

Our diverse team operates discreetly in environments ranging from nightclubs to industry conferences.

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Asset Investigations

We uncover assets to aid in judgment collection — from employment information to brokerage and bank accounts.

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Personal Investigations

We help clients navigate incredibly sensitive personal dilemmas with dignity. Through discreet inquiries, we obtain the information you need to understand your situation and decide on your next step.

Litigation Support

Cases where we provide litigation support

Complex Litigation

Intellectual Property & reputation


Areas of Expertise

We specialize in investigating corporations. Clients appreciate our ability to quickly understand highly technical processes specific to an industry, product, or market. You can rest assured that we will make your firm look good by asking intelligent questions of interview subjects, regardless of where they sit in the corporate hierarchy. We regularly interview stock analysts, short-sellers, lobbyists, rocket scientists, coders, drug reps, doctors, pharmacists, engineers, regulators, and many other specialists.

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