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Our clients call when they need facts under tight deadlines


Our clientele includes attorneys, investors, and executives, particularly in regulated industries.

Clients tend to reach out to us at pivotal times when their company, professional reputation, or financial future hangs in the balance. Our investigators are accustomed to working bet-the-company cases. You can rest assured that each detail featured in our work product will stand up under pressure, whether in the courtroom or the boardroom. 

Who we serve

We obtain vital facts discreetly, legally, and ethically.

01.Law Firms

Our investigators uncover pivotal evidence efficiently, without sacrificing accuracy or crossing into legal gray areas. When you need to gain leverage, drive a favorable settlement, or identify witnesses, we’ll work under your deadlines to get you the information you need.


Let us help you avoid future headaches and gain leverage in negotiations. We reveal the nuances of each opportunity and the reputations of those involved.


We uncover bank accounts, hidden assets, and employment details to aid in judgment collection.

04.Private Individuals

When it’s time to make a pivotal decision in your personal or professional life, we’ll discreetly uncover the facts you need to do so with complete confidence. We fill in the holes in your knowledge of the situation, illuminating the big picture so you can move forward with confidence.

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